All Saints Church, Gt. Chesterford

All Saints Church, Gt. Chesterford

All Saints Church, Gt. Chesterford

This project had the clear intention of providing the church with a multi use area for various activities that are carried out within the church.

It was decided that the Lady Chapel was the most suitable area.


The Lady Chapel was screened off from the Crossing and Chancel with an intricately detailed rood screen but the West end of the Chapel was left open only separated by some cupboards. Rather than supply a new screen to the East side it was more feasible to re-locate the existing screen from the Crossing.


Lodge & Sons (Builders) Ltd were instructed to carry out various works to isolate the Lady Chapel from the rest of the church with a number of measures. These works include:


  • Adapt existing Rood Screen to incorporate new carved oak sections with rebated frames to hold new glazed section to head.
  • Re-locate existing Crossing screen to Lady Chapel and adapt to incorporate glazed panels and glazed screen above.
  • Supply and install bespoke kitchen cupboards in oak.
  • Supply and install bespoke oak cupboards to East wall to incorporate shelves and draws for parish items.
  • Adaption of existing system to incorporate electric panel heating.


Once all works were complete many samples were carried out to identify a good match for all new joinery as it was important for the new works to blend seamlessly with the existing furniture.


What has been achieved has surpassed expectation.